As summer vacation approaches, spending time in overseas resort areas wher...

As summer vacation approaches, spending time in overseas resort areas where travel insects are also pounding, traveling in the country is also a good thing. I definitely define that a trip means to live a body and a place away from everyday life. As a common practice, 'Escape from daily life' will refresh yourself and it will also be an opportunity to recognize your new face. In my case, when I travel, I decide to take one theme. Whether it is exploring historic ruins or historic sites, walking through old towns can be good. Traveling is not just a trip if there is something in the core. In particular, the journey that still remains impressive is to walk to Kisoji in two summertime in summer. In the high school days, I was fascinated by the opening part of Shimazaki Fujimura ""before dawn"" that Kiso Road is all in the mountains, and I have long dreamed of traveling by walking along Kiso Road. Ten years later, I walked with Rick on the Kiso Road Nakatsugawa Magome club Nagisozo. The theme is named ""self-experiencing"" ""before dawn"" without permission. It is good to go around sightseeing and historic sites with cars and sightseeing buses. However, by following the road on foot on foot like the people in Edo and the early Meiji era, is not it something new in the opening part of that ""dawn before""? I thought that. Walk while losing sweat. On the way, we rest and hit the wind blowing from among the trees, and moisten throat with well water. In such a common thing, I could think of the feelings of the travelers of the past and for me it was a valuable experience that I can not forget.

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